About Us

Sacred Lotus Gifts was created as a way to reach out and connect with others who enjoy the beauty of spiritual practice and wellness. We offer clothing, jewelry, original art, and handmade gifts for either you or the beautiful yogi in your life. Our future plans include digital offerings like online classes and audio guided meditations, as well as developing a blog on holistic health. Welcome and thank you for joining us. Namaste.

Sacred Lotus Gifts was created by Spira Lotus, a Teacher, Yogi, and Artist living in Cambridge, MA. She spreads the love by teaching art and yoga, and has even created her own special classes combining guided meditations and art-making which she teaches locally. She also loves to travel and finds inspiration on every new adventure; whether participating in purification rituals in Bali, fasting with plant medicines in the Amazon jungle of Peru, or bringing offerings to the ancient goddesses in Greece. In addition, she's an advocate for holistic living  and mental health and is always happy to help others learn how to balance their lives for optimal health through proper nutrition, self-care/healing, exercise, and creative expression.